Week 11 & 12(13) Reflection

This week we participated in a discussion surrounding the topic of bargaining between employee and employer, which gave us insight into the capitalistic relationships between CEO’s and those that they employ. It helped me get a better understanding of the concepts of monetary supply and demand between these two parties and how they can be calculated. We also watched a movie, The Gaudian, and discussed effective and non-effective types of conflict resolution. I reflected on clear communication as an effective method of conflict resolution. 

This week we also ensued in the chaos of deciphering a team activity in which we were asked to participate in strategic planning of a new expansion for a healthcare facility in the town of Bionicle Town and Legoville. After getting past the initial frustration that is online team activities, this became a unique experience in which we were able to plan the healthcare operations in a metaphorical setting. Although I do not anticipate this experience having any sort of significant impact on my future career as a nurse or CRNA, it was interesting to have a brief insight as to what CEO’s and high ranked executives deal with and helped me gain a better understanding of how stressful it can be to work with a team and to have to plan so intricately for the most unpredictable future.

The major takeaway from these last two weeks for me was the importance of clear communication. It is so important for us to learn clear communication skills because poor communication can lead to unclear expectations, unnecessary frustration, and a overall decrease in productivity.

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