Week 10 Reflection

This week we had an interview to discuss budgeting and also discussed a lot about change. This was a really interesting and helpful topic for me personally because although I feel that I am flexible, I sometimes have a hard time coping with change. I notice that when I find myself in a new environment, I often close up and try to isolate myself. I guess I just have a smaller bubble than others and it feel safer for me to close myself off, at least until I get to know them or my situation a little bit better. This weeks discussions have helped me to understand myself a little bit better regarding how I react to change and how I can improve. I need to be better at not procrastinating. I need to make every day count, because time is one of our most valuable commodities. I need to go forward with a vision to and be more creative in developing strategies to realize my goals.

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Hi! I'm Sean, I'm a nurse and student at Utah Valley University.

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