Week 5 Reflection

This week in lecture we learned about conducting performance reviews as well as managing problem employees. In teams we expressed our opinions about  what individual we think would be the greatest leader of all time and why. I don’t know if my choice was cheating… but I chose Jesus Christ – because he influences a lot of people every day. We discussed qualities that separate the good employees from the bad. We also ran through a scenario in which we had to deal with a “problem employee”. There is so much more politics to hiring and firing people than one would first acknowledge. I learned that it’s important to keep record of employee discipline, because it would be much more difficult to terminate a problem employee if there is no record of his/her misconduct.

I think the most interesting part of this weeks learning was the stories our professor shared with us about the people he’s had to fire or terminate. He also shared with us how we should avoid disciplining employees on Friday’s (when possible) because it can fester throughout the weekend. There have been cases where people have ended their life because they were fired and didn’t have anyone to talk to because it was the weekend. I learned that it’s important to be compassionate and to avoid being vindictive when firing or terminating an employee because it can be the most humiliating, traumatic, and life changing experiences for an individual. I really enjoyed the quote our professor shared with us at the end of the lecture in regards to terminating an employee. He said something to the effect of, “As a manager it’s important that we are always helping our employees to succeed, but sometimes it’s to help them succeed elsewhere.”

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