Hiring Interview Answers and Reflection

This week we were asked to interview someone who was in charge of hiring new employees. I interviewed K.C. who works at Chrysalis as a house manager. It was interesting hear the answers to our team questions and how he conducts himself as a manager. To be honest, his replies were not all that surprising to me, as I know K.C. personally and have been friends for a number of years. The question that stood out to me the most was the question about avoiding bias when hiring people. I think this is something that can be very difficult, because managers often have to rely on their opinion or that “gut feeling”. I think what he said about opinion and bias being closely related is true. They are very closely related, and it’s important for everyone, not just managers, to avoid discrimination in our judgement. The following are his responses to our team questions:

1- When do you start looking for people to hire?

“If someone quits or puts in their 2 week notice.”

2- What is one question you always ask in an interview and why?

“Why do you want to work here? I can usually tell if that person really has a desire to work here or if they’re just looking for any job in particular.”

3- What is one quality that you are always impressed with in an interviewee?


4- How do you personally prepare for an interview with a candidate?

“My interviews are more casual than formal, I typically end up hiring people I have already known or have some sort of connection with.”

5- What, if any, deal-breaker qualities do you look for?

“If they seems lazy or have a nonchalant attitude.”

6- How do you avoid your own personal biases during interviews?

“This is hard for me to do, I feel like opinion and bias are almost one and the same, but I do my best to not discriminate for petty things like race or gender.”

7- What do you look for when you first meet your interviewee?

“Someone who can smile and give a firm handshake.”

8- Do you have an interview panel? If so, who do you have in on that panel during the interview?

“No”. N/A

9- What are you looking for in a candidate?

“We have a high turnover rate here, so I look for someone who can be committed and stay for a while.”

10- What is your least favorite thing about hiring?

“It can be time consuming and it’s no fun when you hire someone who ends up being a total flake.”

11- Is there a certain time limit you try to stay in while conducting an interview?

“My interviews are typically no longer than 20 minutes.”

12- Do you take time to learn about your candidates prior to meeting them in real life?

“Like I said, a lot of the people I end up hiring are those I’m already somewhat familiar with. If it’s someone I don’t know at all, I do like to ask questions and try to get to know who they are.”

13- Are you impressed when your interviewee speaks up when they have a chance to ask questions? Which questions are you most impressed by?

“Absolutely, I want my employees to know what they’re getting themselves into.”


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